General Guidelines

Wedding Fantasia allows you to add various types of content – from descriptions and reviews to photos and videos. While we urge you to speak your mind, we ask that you do so within reason:

  • Conflicts. Please avoid reviewing your own business employer, or your competitors. More generally, make sure you’re unbiased when leaving reviews – please refrain from reviewing the businesses of friends and relatives.

  • Promos. To keep the site useful, please avoid promotional content, unless you are the owner of a business page.

  • Inappropriate. Please do not threaten or harass other people. It’s okay to speak your mind, but stay away from lewdness or discrimination.

  • Privacy. Please do not publicize people’s private information without their consent.

Review Guidelines

We encourage you to leave reviews. The best ones tend to be based on personal experience, and offer details that you wouldn’t necessarily get from business owners or their friends and relatives.

  • Experience. Please talk about your personal experience with suppliers – not what you heard from others.

  • Accuracy. Please make sure your reviews are factually correct.

Photo and Video Guidelines

Photos and videos should be relevant to the page – and please, keep it clean. Stay away from photos and videos that contain nudity, suggestive acts, violence, or drug use.

Any content that does not comply with these guidelines will be taken down.