General Questions

What is Wedding Fantasia?

Wedding Fantasia is a directory of wedding suppliers in the Philippines. It is an easy way to find the out the good – and, because there are reviews, the not so good – about wedding businesses.

Who uses Wedding Fantasia?

A diverse set of people use Wedding Fantasia – from people looking to tie the knot, to businesses looking for ways to grow their exposure, to people who have already had the magical day, reviewing suppliers to help others out.

How do I join Wedding Fantasia?

You’ll need to sign up using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account. We will not to post anything on your timeline or feed on your behalf, and we will not share your information with anyone. Hand to God.

Why I do I need to sign in using my social media account to review suppliers and submit listings?

In an effort to be fair to people who will book suppliers based on reviews, and to the businesses who are listed here, we ask users to register through a social media account. This system helps with credibility and improves the experience for everyone.

Is Wedding Fantasia free?

Yes, it’s free! Looking for suppliers and adding business listings are free, anyway – business owners can advertise on the site for a fee.

For customers

What can I do on Wedding Fantasia?

  • Search for wedding suppliers & filter them by location

  • Rate & review suppliers you’ve worked with

  • Rate the helpfulness of other customers’ reviews

  • Add photos of suppliers

  • Submit listings of wedding businesses in the Philippines that are not part of the directory yet

  • Share listings to your friends and family members through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.

What should I review on Wedding Fantasia?

From wedding ring suppliers to wedding dress shops, from photographers to videographers, everyone’s fair game. You can rate and review any wedding supplier you’ve worked with.

Can I leave a negative review if I had a bad experience with a supplier?

You should talk about whatever experience you’ve had with the supplier – good or bad. That said, we ask that you provide factual details and don’t exaggerate for impact.

Is it okay if I get a freebie in exchange for my review?

Please don’t write favorable reviews in exchange for something. But if you do have freebies because of the nature of your engagement, please declare those on the review.

Can suppliers publicly comment on my reviews?


Can reviews get removed?

Yes. We may remove your review if they do not comply with the Terms of Use and the Content Guidelines.

Unfavorable reviews, however, will not be removed because business owners advertise on the site.

Can I sort reviews?

Yes. You can sort them based on recency and helpfulness as rated by other customers.

When will the listing I submitted show up?

The listing will be visible once it’s approved by the moderators.

I can’t upload a photo? Am I doing anything wrong?

Make sure the photo file size is not more than 2MB.

For Suppliers and Vendors

Do business owners have a voice on Wedding Fantasia?

All businesses can claim their page. Wedding suppliers in the Philippines without an existing page can create one. The free tools allow businesses to respond to reviews. Additionally, claiming business pages allows business owners to add descriptions & various types of media.

I’ve submitted my business listing. When can I start managing it?

Once your listing is approved, you’ll then need to claim it to indicate that you’re the business owner. Once we verify that you’re the listing owner, you can …

  • Edit the business name & information

  • Put in your hours of operation

  • Upload media (photos & video)

  • Add a business description

  • Respond to customer reviews

Why doesn’t my listing have the blue verification symbol?

You’ll need to claim your listing for it to reflect as a verified page.

How do I edit my listing?

If you’re logged in, go to Listings, then click on ‘Edit’ under the business page you want to make changes to.

How do I reply to a review on my listing?

Click on the reply icon located right below the name of the reviewer.

I can’t upload a photo? Am I doing anything wrong?

Make sure the photo file size is not more than 2MB.

Can businesses advertise on Wedding Fantasia?

Yes – contact us at [email protected] for rates.

Do Wedding Fantasia advertisers get preferential treatment?

No. Advertising on Wedding Fantasia doesn’t get you good reviews.

There’s no relationship between payment and reviews.

Will Wedding Fantasia remove or reorder bad reviews if a business pays for advertising?

No. We will not, under any circumstances, remove bad reviews for money.

To rank highly in Wedding Fantasia search results, do businesses have to buy advertising?

No. Wedding Fantasia will label ads, but there’s no payment required to show up in results.

Who can find me on Wedding Fantasia?

Just about anyone searching for wedding suppliers in the Philippines will be able to find you.

Got a question that’s not answered here?

Contact the webmaster [email protected].